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billet cutting machine

Billet Cutting Machine

Description of Billet Cutting Machine:
Belonging to the building material machinery, billet cutting machine is mainly used for standardized bricks and hollow bricks in brick factory. Its surface is made of hard stainless steel and is resistant to the friction of mud sliding. It is able to relieve some clay and save 30 percent of oil. Its service life is several times longer than one whose surface is made of cast iron and active steel. The worn surface can be easily replaced. That avoids scrapping the whole machine.

YQP20-425 swallow tail billet cutting machine is an updated machine newly launched by our company. Compared to similar products, this machine has advantages as follows: more reasonable structure, more compact appearance, more stable running, better integral rigidity, easier operation, simpler and more convenient and trouble-free maintenance and repair. The produced billets conform to standard size, among which there is no inclined or bent billet that old-fashioned cutting machine can't get over. The products are of high quality and service 3 to 5 times longer than others. The machine is of wide adaptability and is the ideal equipment of all kinds of hard and half hard extrusion machine.

Parameters of Billet Cutting Machine:

name technical parameter
cutting length each time ≤1250mm
 round trip of sample billet pusher 40 times/min
motor power 4.0KW
total weight 1400kg
quantity of cutting billet each time about 20 blocks
journey of billet template pusher 425mm
reducer JZQ250
dimension 2088mm×1710mm×1480mm
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