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Plate Lifting Machine (Fully Automatic Stacking Brick Machine)

Plate Lifting Machine (Fully Automatic Stacking Brick Machine)

Plate lifting machine,Fully automatic stacking brick machine is also known as plate descending machine, movable plate stacking machine, fixed plate stacking machine, stowing machine, brick dropping machine and fully automatic stacking bricks machine. Hydraulic lifting device, supported by hydraulic lifting slab carrying vehicle, is used to lift billet cars to convey the billets that rear-mounted billet cutting machine cuts and forms.

The Features of Plate Lifting Machine:
1.  Plate lifting machine adopts a mechanical design, which is easy to operate and maintain. And without manual operation, it is automatically controlled by computers.
2. Because of good configuration, there are 2-3 fewer staff in the production of block machine and. Thus fully automatic stacking brick machine saves labor and increases productivity. At the same time, it reduces the wear of finished block and raises the rate of finished products.
3. Independent electric control system is easy to fit various models of forming machine manufactured by different factories.

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