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Box Feeder

Box feeder is a critical equipment in the ceramic materials industry. It is used for storing and preliminary breaking up of materials. It is also applied to other branches wherever it is necessary to prepare a raw material bulk before feeding it to the production line. The box feeder receives raw material and delivers it at a constant rate to the next production stage. It is equipped with a moving steel slat plate bottom with adjustable speed. A sliding shuttle door controls the amount of material transporting from the feeder. Normally, a large hopper is attached to the main body.
The box feeder consists of a rectangular box with a base conveyor driven by a heavy duty, wear-resistant and high torque gear motor. The main parts are the box over the feeding floor and the top box feed hopper. The machine is built and supported by solid mild steel frame.

1. Box feeder is easy to operate and capable of working continuously for long hours. It requires minimum maintenance.
2. The vertical movable bulkhead inside the box can adjust the height of raw material outlet stream.
3. Box feeder has a proper rigidity to support frame constructions.
4. Beater arms are fixed firmly on the beater shaft at the box outlet. They first break up raw materials and then remove it to the belt conveyor.
5. A floor screw pull ensures proper feeder exploitation and prevents fast device components wear.

Maintenance and Repair of Box Feeder:
1. Please keep soil feeder clean.
2. Clean each mesh, friction parts and lubrication point often and add lubricating grease in time to ensure efficient work.
3. Check each joint of the box feeder and tighten it in time.
4. Adjust the tail wheel belt to make the belt have a certain tension.

5. Check the wear condition of parts, so that we can give timely maintenance and replacement.
6. Use kerosene to clean the clay and garbage on the parts after examination.

Parameters of Box Feeder:

Program Unit of measurements GD80 GD100
Production capacity m³/h 11-16 13-19
22-34 26-40
35-50 42-60
Width of conveyor belt mm 800 1000
feed fraction mm 100 100
power KW 7.5 7.5

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