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Hammer crusher
19PF600 Coal Crusher

Hammer crusher

The main components of hammer crusher are rack, rotor, sieve and hammer. Hammer crusher is applied to smash all kinds of brittle materials, such as coal, gypsum, alum, brick, limestone, clay etc. It is of wide adaptability. There are 6 hammers on each hammer shaft, which ensures good crushing effect. Hammer crusher also features excellent performance and high yield. Pay attention to the material pit, whose compressive strength is no more than 1000kg/cm and whose humidity is no more than 5%.

Operation and Precautions of Hammer Crusher:
1. Start feeding when the machine functions well
2. Prevent motor load from surging
3. Check sieve bar periodically. If it is blocked, remove the jam immediately. And add uniformly the pulverized material that should be distributed in the whole length of the working parts of the rotor.
4. In the normal condition, the temperature of bearings should be within 35℃. If the temperature exceeds 70℃, which is the highest, stop the machine at once. Find out the cause and eliminate it.
5. Stop feeding and make sure the material inside the crusher is completely ground, then stop the machine and shut out the motor.
6. Replace promptly the damaged elastic sleeve on the coupling
7. Two ways to realize the adjustment of product granularity
(1) Replace the pattern of the sieve bars, or change the gap by embedding modules into the both ends of the sieve bars in the sieve frame slot.
(2) Adjust the gap between the hammer and the screen sieve bars by rotating eccentric shaft.
8. When the vibration surges, stop the machine, find out the cause and eliminate it.
9. When assembling or replacing the hammers, keep the balance of the rotor. The total weight of 6 hammers on each hammer shaft should be equal to the weight of 6 hammers on its corresponding hammer shaft. The total deviation is no more than 100 grams.

Maintenance and Repair:
Add lubricating oil to bearings every 8 hours. And replace lubricating oil once a month or every three months. Before the replacement, use gasoline or kerosene to clean carefully the bearing. The level of the bearing housing should be kept to the same position of the center of the lowest rotor.
Parameters of Hammer Crusher:

model diameterof the rotor length of the rotor speed of the rotor Granularity of the charging material Granularity of the discharging material Productive power Motor power Weight Dimensions
PC 800×600 800 600 980 ≤120 ≤15 20-25 55 3.7 2620×1864×1340
PC 800×1000 1000 800 980 ≤200 ≤45 34-54 75 6.5 3574×2250×1515

Packaging and Transportation:
Naked outfit, LCL and container transportation

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