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Vacuum Pump

Vacuum Pump

Description of Vacuum Pump:
Vacuum pump is a device to produce, improve and maintain vacuum in a closed space. Vacuum pump can be defined as a device or equipment to exhaust the vessel and obtain vacuum container by mechanical, physical, chemical and physico-chemistry methods. With the development of vacuum application, there are many types of vacuum pump. Its pumping speed increases from a few tenths liters per second to hundreds of or thousands of liters per second. According to the work principle of vacuum pump, there are basically two types, gas transmission pump and gas capture pump.

In the production and scientific research, the range of applied pressures becomes wider and wider.  Any vacuum pump alone can't work in an effective way for all the involved working pressures. In most situations, according to performance requirements, several kinds of vacuum pumps are needed to work together as a unit aiming to complete demanding tasks in the process.

Parameters of Vacuum Pump:

model exhaust volume m3/min ultimate vacuum Mpa(mmhg) power KW rotary speed r/min water supply
inlet and outlet diameter
max when sucking pressure is -0.093Mpa, at least
2SK-0.4 0.4 0.25 -0.096(-725) 2.2 2860 3~5 G1″
2SK-0.8 0.8 0.5 -0.096(-725) 3 2880 5~8 G1″
2SK-1.5 1.5 0.9 -0.097(-730) 4 1440 10~15 φ40
SK-3 3 2 -0.098(-735) 7.5 1440 15~20 φ40
SK-6 6 4 -0.098(-735) 15 1460 25~35 φ70
2SK-12 12 8 -0.098(-735) 22 970 40~50 φ100
2SK-20 20 14 -0.098(-735) 37 740 60~80 φ125
2SK-30 30 20 -0.098(-735) 55 740 70~90 φ125
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