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Foam cement insulation board

Foam Cement Insulation Board

Foam cement insulation board is also known as composite cement foamed insulation board. It is a new product on the market. The insulation board is a fire-proof, comprehensive, high-performance material. Foam cement insulation board is a special equipment for processing, cutting and surface treatment. It is widely used in the construction of exterior wall thermal insulation system, thus it has a broad development prospects. The primary components of cement foamed insulation are made from calcium, magnesium oxide, alumina, water and air. We can make different specifications according to customers' needs.

1. The foam cement insulation board is made up of inorganic chemical materials. That means it is highly fire-resistant, waterproof, soundproof and quite safe.
2. The product has high resistance inorganic materials which can ensure the thermal insulation life of buildings.
3. The foam cement insulation board is completely non-toxic and energy saving. The board is free of CFC's and formaldehyde. There is no radiation to harm environment.
4. It embodies the porous lightweight, high temperature resistance, low thermal conductivity and Class A fire insulation materials for construction.
5. Concrete foam insulation board offers a very high R-value with no loss over time.

Production Processes of Foam Cement Insulation Board:
1. Raw stirring
2. Injection molding
3. Foaming
4. Demoulding
5. Natural curing
6. Peeled, segmented and cutting
7. Multichip cutting
8. Heat shrinkable packaging

As a China insulation board manufacturer, Hengda owns group of senior technicians and advanced producing equipments make the company reach the scale that there are 10 types of main machine and 30 types of assistant machines. The annual outputs of clay brick machine and its auxiliary equipment, concrete block machine and its auxiliary equipment and PVC pallet are 200 and 800, 150 and 600 and 4000000 respectively. The foam cement insulation boards have a good market at home and abroad. They are well accepted and approved by Southeast Asia, Africa, Arabian, Bangladesh, India, Brazil, Angola, Zambia, Iran, Iraq Bolivia and so on.

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