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Coal Crusher
19PF600 Coal Crusher HTF600 Coal Crusher

Coal Crusher

Coal crusher is used to grind the material into powder. The material inside its case is impacted by kinetic energy generated by high-speed spinning hammers and pulverized by the palate plate on the inner wall. The main components of coal crushing machine are hammer, fan blades, pin shafts, palate plate, and bearing. And there are splash plate, a layer of fan blade and three layers of hammers inside coal crusher. The structure is simple and reasonable. It's easy to operate and maintain. Coal crusher presents fine grinding fineness, which is no more than 3mm.Coal crusher also features high efficiency. The production capacity of coal crushing machine is 5 to 8tons. Here are two types, 19PF600 Coal Crusher and HTF600 Coal Crusher.

Operation and Precautions of Coal Crusher:
1. Check whether the situation is good before use
2. Do feed constantly and continuously during the process
3. Stop the coal crushing machine until it ejects all the pulverized material

Maintenance and Repair:
1. Carry out periodic inspection and daily maintenance
2. Replace worn hammer depending on its usage
3. Tighten the loosened connecting bolts and nuts
4. Pay attention to the lubrication usually and temperature of bearings all the time. The temperature shouldn't exceed 70℃. And if lubricating grease goes bad and the temperature is too high, wash the bearings immediately, and then add enough lubricating grease.

Parameters of Coal Crusher:

production capacity 5~8t
moisture content of raw material <8%
grinding fineness ≤3mm
inner diameter of palate plate φ600mm
rotor diameter φ580mm
hammerhead   12
fan blade 2
spindle speed 2000r/min
supporting power 30~37kw
weight 1100kg

Packaging and transportation:
Naked outfit, LCL and container transportation

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