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Compulsory Mixer

Compulsory mixer is one of twin horizontal shafts compulsory concrete mixers. It is used to mix dry and rigid concrete and all kinds of mortar for highroad, bridge, water conservancy, various small and medium-sized precast component factories and other industrial and civilian architecture working department. The main components are mixing system, feeding system, water supply system, discharging system and electrical system. The material is mixed uniformly by stirring blades. There are several types of Compulsory mixer, such as JS1000, whose yield is great, at least 60m3 every hour.

Operation and Precautions of Compulsory Mixer:
1. No one is allowed to stand under the hopper when it is ascending, so as to avoid accidental injure.
2. Do not shut down the machine arbitrarily during the mixing. If something unexpected happens during the process, disconnect the power source first and appoint someone to have an eye on the power source master switch. Then open the discharging door and discharge half the material artificially. Make sure the trouble is cleared, finally reboot the machine.
3. Do not overhaul the machine when it is running.
4. When the machine stops working, open switch gear and start water pumps to clean concrete mortar in the stirred tanks.

Maintenance and Repair:
1. Before new compulsory mixer is put into use, one free-load running should last at least 4hours
2. Add 40# machinery oil to reducer. For the new machine, replace the oil in a month. After then, replace machinery oil twice a year. Add lithium grease to follow-up paddle bearing housing and gear bearing and replace lithium grease twice a year.
3. The space between paddles and mixing barrel will be larger due to blade wear. When the space is more than 4mm, adjust the two bolts on the paddles promptly.
4. Clean mixing barrel after the machine finishes the task every time.

Parameters of Compulsory Mixer:

model JS1000 JS750 JS500
output capacity 1000 L 750 L 500 L
input capacity 1600 L 1200 L 800 L
yield ≥ 60 m3/h ≥ 37.5 m3/h ≥25 m3/h
maximum diameter of aggregate 80/60 80/60 80/60
stirring blade perusal 19.5r/min 31r/min 35r/min
quantity 2 × 8 2 × 7 2 × 7
stirring motor power 37KW 30KW 18.5KW
winch motor power 11KW 7.5KW 5.5KW
water pump motor power 3 KW 0.75KW 0.75KW
Dimension(mm) 4640×2250 ×2250 4200×2300×2800 3030×2300×2680
total weight 8700kg 5500kg 4000kg

Packaging and Transportation:
Naked outfit, LCL and container transportation

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