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Palletizing Robot

Palletizing Robot

Palletizing robot is also known as robotic palletizing system. The latest palletizing robot has a simple structure, compact size, light weight and high speed. It is safe, energy saving and beautiful. The power of palletizing robot is small so that it can save over 100000 KW than traditional stacker crane each year. The palletizing robot greatly shortens the length of the production line, reduces the quantity of equipment and simplifies work degree. Robots can complete discharging pallet of nylon (paper) bag, cartons, plastic boxes and bottles. Robotic palletizing is usually used in packaging machinery industry. We can adopt it in many industries including food processing, manufacturing, and shipping. We are in the business of providing the best palletizing equipment available.

Features of Palletizing Robot:
1. It can reduce cost associated with labor and inefficiency.
2. Low maintenance requirements and tireless automation keeps downtime to a minimum.
3. Palletizing robot is flexible to handle different shapes, sizes, and weights for one or more lines.
4. We can improve safety with a palletizing method to reduce heavy lifting, noise and repetitive motion problems.

Working Principle of Robotic Palletizing System:
The robot is chosen based on requirements such as the speed, product weight, and size of the packages. We built a workspace for the robot to handle products. Packages of product are transported to the workspace by conveyor. Once the packages are in the workspace, they are arranged to be picked. The palletizing robot will then palletize them, moving them from the conveyor to a pre-determined pattern on the pallet. Once the pallet is full, it will be moved out of the workspace to the next stage of the palletizing system, usually stretch-wrapped. Pallet handling can be done by conveyor, transfer cart, or automated guided vehicle. Whenever pallet mover is used, the palletizing robot is automated to coordinate with its actions and the speed. The operator controls everything with an easy human machine interface (HMI). The robot interfaces with other parts of the system to create a smart, adaptable pallet.

We provide other special service, such as design, installation, and training. The company is OEM. During the time of global market, the company has continually developed itself and is trying to earn the further development. Hengda expects to make progress and share the resources and civilization of technology in palletizing robot together with its clients. The company president, Mr. Cui, together with all the staff members, extends our warmest welcome to domestic and foreign friends for visit and cooperation

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