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JRF Heat Sealer

JRF series heavy-duty bag heat sealers are used to pack heavy sacks weighing within 25 to 50 kg. It is also suitable for packaging single (multiple) layer craft paper bag, paper plastic (PE) compound pocket and other big bags. This series of heavy-duty bag heat sealers can automatically complete the bag's dust removal (optional), pruning, suture, shear line braided, bag paper tape, heat sealing, bonding and counting, etc. according to different degrees. After sealing, suture and tape packaging, the packing bag of hot pressing has the advantages of good sealing, dust proof, moisture proof, moth-proofing, pollution prevention, etc. These advantages can make packaging have more proper protection.

The following are the series of JRF heat sealer:
JRF 200
JRF 300
JRF 400
JRF 900

Heavy-duty bag heat sealers manufactured by the company are superior to similar products made by other firms in some aspects. Compact double-stage vacuum extruder saves the electricity consumption and increases the output. And it's easy to maintain and repair. A group of senior technicians and advanced producing equipments make the company reach the scale that there are 10 types of main machine and 30 types of assistant machines. The annual outputs of clay brick machine and its auxiliary equipment, concrete block machine and its auxiliary equipment and PVC pallet are 200 and 800, 150 and 600 and 4000000 respectively.

The heavy-duty bag heat sealers have a good market at home and abroad. They are well accepted and approved by Southeast Asia, Africa, Arabian, Bangladesh, India, Brazil, Angola, Zambia, Iran, Iraq Bolivia and so on.

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