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TDT Bucket Elevator

TDT Bucket Elevator

Bucket elevator is made up of carbon steel and stainless steel. As a successive transmission equipment, it is widely used in grain, oil, food, feed, metallurgy, mine, plastic, chemical engineering, building material and medicine industries, etc. The TDT bucket elevator provides a practical, efficient and economical means of handling and elevating a wide variety of dry and free flowing bulk materials. The typical bucket elevator in our company is TDT bucket elevator. There are three main components: buckets to contain the material, a belt to carry the buckets and motor to drive the belt. TDT bucket elevator is characterized by new-appearance design, simple structure, good performance and airproof, low noise, high quality, long service life and high efficiency. This elevator is used to vertically convey powder, granular and small block materials. Different types and sizes of bucket elevators are available to suit your requirements.

1. The TDT bucket elevator has the features of better sealing performance, large lifting capacity and bigger lifting height.
2. There is a local stock ensures a timely delivery.
3. It provides termination device to avoid any failure caused by the power-off.
4. TDT bucket elevator offer automatic deviation proof device and speed monitor device.
5. It has an steel frame for rigidity and durability.
Technical Specification of TDT Bucket Elevator:

Type of elevator TH315 TH400 TH500 TH630
bucket type Zh Sh Zh Sh Zh Sh Zh Sh
conveying capacity (n3/h) 35 59 58 94 73 118 114 185
  bucket bucket volume (L) 3.75 6.0 5.9 9.5 9.3 15 14.6 23.6
bucket distance (m) 512 688
  chain round steel diameter× pitch   (kn)   ф18×64   ф22×86
single breaking strength   (m)   ≥320   ≥480
  sprocket pitch (m) 630 710 800 900
speed of the bucket chain   (n/s)   1.4   1.5
rotate speed of drive sprocket wheel   (r/min)   42.5   37.6   35.8   31.8

TDT bucket elevators manufactured by the company are superior to similar products made by other firms in some aspects.
1. Compact doublestage vacuum extruder saves the electricity consumption and increases the output. In addition, it's easy to maintain and repair.
2. The molds of clay brick machine is easy to be replaced. Through the replacement, the machine can produce different sizes of bricks. 
3. Concrete block machine adopts PLC control and hydraulic power. And it has flexible operation.
4. PVC pallet has a long service life up to 6 years.

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