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MC Pulse Bag Dust Collector

MC Pulse Bag Dust Collector

MC pulse bag dust collector is a kind of filter dust collector equipment. It is an important means to improve the working environment of powder sand oar production equipment. Our company adopts advanced pulse blow technology to collect the dust, which enables the dust removal efficiency to reach 99%. The qualified spare parts ensure its high-efficiency, so this kind of dust collector is welcomed by customers. It is not only widely used in cement plant dust management, but also widely used in nonmetalliferous ore fine dust processing field. It also has a good application prospect in the power industry, chemical industry, metallurgy, iron and steel industries. Hengda can supply the whole production line including design, machine developing, manufacturing, testing, quality guarantee, transport and after sale service.

Advantages of MC Pulse Bag Dust Collector:
1. The equipment has strong ability of dust removing and stable performance.
2. It owns the advantages of less air leakage rate and steel consumption but high filtration capacity.
3. MC pulse bag dust collector is energy-saving, space-saving, highly efficient and multi-functional, which enables the machine completely clear the dust with low resistance.
4. This type of pulse bag dust collector is easily cleaned.
5. We provide reasonable after-sales services.

Working Principle of MC Pulse Bag Dust Collector:
1. The dust-laden air enters the bag filter and is separated inside the pulse bag dust collector.
2. The air is uniformly distributed and meanwhile the powder is separated.
3. The dust is accumulated on filter elements while the air passes through the filter bags from outside to inside.
4. The accumulated powder is dislodged from the bags by reverse pulse     jet air intermittently.
5. The dislodged powder falls on bottom cone and is discharged through powder discharge valves.
6. The dust free air is sucked by induced draft fan.

Hengda Is a professional MC dust collector supplier. A group of senior technicians and advanced producing equipments make the company reach the scale that there are 10 types of main machine and 30 types of assistant machines. The pulse bag dust collectors have a good market at home and abroad. They are well accepted and approved by Southeast Asia, Africa, Arabian, Bangladesh, India, Brazil, Angola, Zambia, Iran, Iraq, Bolivia and so on.

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