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WZF Twin-Shaft Paddle Weightless Mixer

WZF Twin-Shaft Paddle Weightless Mixer

WZF twin-shaft paddle mixer is the upgrade version of the traditional double shaft mixer. It is installed with two shafts which rotate in opposite directions and it has a number of overlapping blades. The double top feeding ports design of WZF twin-shaft paddle mixer provides simultaneous multi-weighting and feeding for improving feeding speed. The precise twin-shaft paddle structure is designed in special angle for mixing material under weightless condition. By adopting electric door or pneumatic large-open door, the product can provide rapid discharging and less residual. Besides, we can specially design and customize products according to customers' requirements.

Features of WZF Twin-Shaft Paddle Mixer:
1. WZF twin-shaft paddle weightless mixer consumes less energy.
2. The gas phase equilibrator is helpful to mix more evenly.
3. The twin-shaft paddle weightless mixer is equipped with the high-speed rotary knife, which can disperse fiber rapidly.
4. Modular blade structure is easy to adjust the gap between cylinder and blade, which will significantly reduce the maintenance cost.
5.The WZF twin-shaft paddle mixer has sealable and reliable operation, easy maintenance.
6. There are manual, electric, pneumatic, and other material types to choose.

The WZF twin-shaft paddle mixer has been widely used for the mixing of building materials, mining, paint, resin, glass, silicon, chemicals, pigments, pesticides, fertilizers, feed, feed additives, wheat flour, milk powder, spices, trace elements, coffee, MSG, salt, detergent, concrete additives, plastics and various slurry, powder drying and mixing.

Working Principle of WZF Twin-Shaft Paddle Mixer:
The strong and efficient mixing, horizontal cylinder body, two counter-rotating mixing shaft, constant velocity and special arrangement of the blades of stirring axis can ensure that the material radial, circumferential and axial movement form a combined cycle to achieve uniform mixing in a very short time. The configuration atomizing nozzle in the cylinder cover can meet the solid-liquid mixing.

Parameter of WZF Twin-Shaft Paddle Weightless Mixer:

All Volume (m³) Loads Coefficient Power (kw)
WZF-0.5 0.5 ≤0.6 5.5+4 (fly-cutter)
WZF-1.0 1.0 ≤0.6 11+4  (fly-cutter)
WZF-2.0 2.0 ≤0.6 18.5+4(fly-cutter)
WZF-3.0 3.0 ≤0.6 22+4(fly-cutter)
WZF-4.0 4.0 ≤0.6 30+4(fly-cutter)
WZF-6.0 6.0 ≤0.6 37+4(fly-cutter)

The twin-shaft paddle mixer quality is under the insurance of PICC. As a China WZF weightless mixer supplier, Nantong Company has passed IOS9001 quality management system certification, ISO14001 environmental authentication and CE certification. It produces the inspection-free products. Obviously, Nantong Company is well-known in the construction industry. Nantong Company has its own development team of 5 members and carries out research cooperation with relevant universities. And the company provides perfect sale and after-sale service network.

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